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Band of the Day (11.15.10) MNDR

15 Nov Photo by Bek Andersen

BOD (11.15.10) MNDR

So the holiday is over and life has changed for New.Band.Day. A new XX/XY duo was officially wed in Kansas and life has never been better. So with that we celebrate another fantastic XX/XY duo MNDR, pronounced Mander. Forming in 2009, Amanda Warner and Peter Wade have two EPs under their belt and hopefully a full length on the way. Warner is a fellow Bay Area resident, having moved to NY to get her music career on the right trajectory. Hey we might be the only MUSIC BLOG based in Berkeley, but we know where bands break.

They’ve toured with Yacht and Deerhoof and now with Chromeo. With a resume like that, you’d think MNDR would have a gigantic following or at least a full length. Never-the-less, MNDR’s Warner sounds like Berlin backed with the most minimalistic of electro-clash sounds. She may sound like Santigold, she has a trajectory not supported by MIA, but rather Mark Ronson and the entire Bay Area and New York. We love the sound and we want MNDR to be your new favorite band.

“I Go Away”

Download –> MNDR – “I Go Away”

“Fade to Black”

MNDR site Grab a free MP3 here too