Band of the Day (2.11.11) Love Axe

11 Feb

Bi-Coastal Buddies create a long distance indie folk anthem - Love Axe

Band of the Day (2.11.11) Love Axe

After years of playing in multiple bands, Chris Hatfield and Heath Johnson collaborated on this years folk anthem album of the month, maybe year. Love Axe feels like a passion project that took years to create and after reading their bio, it’s very true. Chris Hatfield lives in Oakland and Heath Johnson in Charleston, SC. They met back in 2000, formed a band named Army/Navy, broke up, moved to opposite coasts, but kept creating. They wrote the album over several years, finally meeting in SF to record. Phenomenomenons’ is that record they created and it’s part Jack Johnson, part Jayhawks, part indie folk. The album is anthemic with explosive folk codas. The songs drag a little, a few lag over 6:00, but they’re not repetitive, good diverse sound that pulls in electric guitars just at the right time.

Hometown: Oakland, CA USA (WOOHOO) & Charleston, SC, USA
Members: Keyboards, Bass, Vocals – Chris Hatfield & Drums – Heath Johnson
Sonic Soulmates: Jack Johnson, Bad Books, The Monday Mornings
Must Hear Tracks:
“Don’t You Ever Change”

“Hundreds of Knives”

Buy Phenomenomenons: Name your Price on BandCamp

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