Band of the Day (10.25.10) Bad Books

25 Oct

Band of the Day (10.25.10) Bad Books

I heard Bad Books this weekend. Their self-titled album Bad Books is raucous, fun, inventive but familiar at the same time. I hear a little Grandaddy with a bit of folk Alt-Country. I like to call it Electro-Folk. The band is an amalgamation of several others. As quoted from their Facebook: “Bad Books was never an intended nor calculated side project of Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull. Though the two musicians have collaborated and performed together on tour and within the Favorite Gentlemen community of artists for years now, the genesis of Bad Books came from a simple idea to fill space and time off the road by collaborating on a small batch of songs together at the top of the year.” Their keep ourselves busy project brings great songwriting that is both fluid and cerebral, with tracks named “The Easy & The Old Maid.” Their hometowns of Atlanta, Brooklyn and Fort Myers are all felt in their music. The Southern folk, the Park Slope shoe-gaze and the Fort Myers Florida retiree chill. I feel the Grandaddy, love the Gomez vibe and definitely sense someone in the band is as obsessed with My Morning Jacket as we are.

Kevin Devine, Andy Hull, Robert McDowell, Chris Freeman, Jonathan Corley, and Ben Homola

“You Wouldn’t Have To Ask”

Download —> Bad Books “You Wouldn’t Have To Ask”

“How This All Ends”

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