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Band of the Day – 2.15.11 Howlin Rain

15 Feb

It is Howlin Rain and you will be too when you hear the new EP

Band of the Day – 2.15.11 Howlin Rain

The rules are the rules, but sometimes you have to break them. Our tradition is to focus on bands that are near the beginning. A record or two at the most, but we can’t deny one of our faves Howlin Rain the glory of Band of the Day. Howlin Rain is a native San Francisco band, formed in 2004, released two LPs and now…a glorious EP. It’s brilliant and it’s time they hit the road and got their just due. We’ve been fans for years and we’re so glad to share them with you. The first time I heard them I thought I sent back to 1968 listening to Radio Luxembourg or DJ John Peel. That underground culture was fueled by zines like IT (International Times) and OZ magazine. It’s not too different than today. The market has been disrupted and the bloggers are fueling today’s music revolution. There are so many new bands and the good ones need your love. Listen to Howlin Rain.

Hometown: Formed in Oakland, CA
Ethan Miller – Vocals, Guitar
Joel Robinow – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Cyrus Comiskey – Bass
Raj Ojha – Drums
Sonic Soulmates: Rod Stewart, Faces, Dead Meadow, Dungen, Traffic, Cream

Must Hear Tracks
“Burning The Midnight Lamp” – Rod Stewart 70’s wailing coupled with psychedelic guitar

“Hung Out in The Rain” – Just a perfect 70’s style love tune. Might be their best track.

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