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Band of the Day (5.13.11) Maybeshewill

13 May

Instrumental DIY Heroes of the UK bring Postrock back -Maybeshewill

Band of the Day (5.13.11) Maybeshewill

Well as many of you know, time slips away, especially when you’re living life and taking care of business. Some of you might have others or just yourself, but a good end to every week is knowing that you checked the boxes on your list. The reason for the life affirmation bs this morning is that I owe someone something. It’s Friday, it’s an unchecked box and I need to check it…now. Maybeshewill is a fantastic PostRock band. What is PostRock, well in the words of the Arizona Turk, “It’s Good Man, why don’t ever write about these bands I give. They are the real deal.” It’s what modern rockers play when they don’t want to admit they’re listening to electronic music on the side. It’s what rocker play when they don’t want to go head first into prog rock. It’s a new genre to bust through over the past 18 months and it’s finally making it’s genre debut on New.Band.Day. The Turk wanted it so we delivered, on a Friday the 13th none-the-less. Maybeshe will is part classic British piano rock, Keane, part Satriani guitars and the building crescendo of your favorite glorious movie soundtrack, Explosion’s in The Sky. No band on the Earth gives me chills more than Explosions. If you hate vocals, then you’ll Maybeshewill. If you love anthemic rock crescendos, then you’ll love Maybeshewill. If you trust Arizona Turk, then you’ll love Maybeshewill.

Hometown: Leicester, UK
James Collins
John Helps
Robin Southby
Jamie Ward
Sonic Soulmates: Mogwai, Glassjaw, Explosions in the Sky

“To The Skies From a Hillside”