Best New Band of 2011 – Band of the Day (5.11.11) Girls Names

12 May

Lo-Fi boys from Belfast bring garage rock. Girls Names

Band of the Day (5.11.11) Girls Names

Nice day today. Really a pleasant successful day. I was trying to consolidate my thoughts around what’s been happening in the music scene in 2011. It’s an odd year. No real movement like 2010’s Pet Sound. If anything, it’s a year of effortless garage rock. So many bands scaling back on production, recording in some shithole studio or their own garage and creating good ol surf rock. I wish I was alive in the late 60’s to enjoy some of the best drum/clean guitar surf, I wasn’t so I have to relive it with some good ‘ol 2011 versions. Girls Names are Belfast’s favorite boys with a little Morrisey swagger and a whole lot of clean guitar garage rock. Think Velvet Underground meets White Stripes. Listen to three of our favorite tracks below.

Hometown: Belfast, Ireland, UK
Members: Cathal Cully and Neil Peel and Claire
Sonic Soulmates: The Smiths, 1st Wave rock, Velvet Underground, Black Tambourine, Weekend
“When You Cry” – Good lo-fi track that conjures up the 80’s

“Lawrence” – We got married in Lawrence.


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