9 Jul


None of them are named James, but I thought it appropriate to discuss a new favorite band post LeBron day yesterday. And hey look they’re from Florida, Lake Palm at that…looks like So. Florida will be riddled with more Jameses than they can handle. Their first single is a kick ass tune and it’s a must listen 7″. They’re still not my favorite So. Florida, see Sweet Bronco, but it’s time we recognize that Interpol isn’t the only thing from So. Florida that makes sound that sells. It’s time for these labels to stand-up get on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale and watch these bands. Give Captured Tracks some credit for signing them for their 7″, this is also the label that’s signed Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing

LeBron is not the only James in So. Florida about to kick ass, it’s time to make The Jameses your new favorite band.

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