Band of the Day (8.11.10) The Dewars

11 Aug

BOD: (8.11.10) The Dewars

South Florida strikes again, the music maiden Moodvane herself sent me the info on The Dewars. Twin bros, who sound like melodic Lou Reeds, with Leonard Cohen’s mind and a splash of Florida sun. They give us wholesome mellow rock without repetition, clean guitars, strings and uplifting drum splashes. It’s mood rock and it’s meant to get you engaged with shimmering voices to remind you of the swaying afternoon waves.

Take Sweet Bronco, The Jameses and The Dewars and I dare say So. Florida is primed with some kick-ass unique sounds. NBD may have to go back and visit his favorite people in the world, to get some more of the sound.

The Dewars are:
Anthony and Zachary Dewar, Evan Mui, Kevin Williams, Steve Rullman

“Sunshine” – The oddest summer tune of the year

“Switzerland” – I put up their BandCamp link because I encourage all of us NewBandDay Fanatiks to purchase music from our faves…

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