Band of the Day (8.10.10) DANNIELRADALL

10 Aug

BOD: (8.10.10) DannielRadall

If I said Lo-fi/Experimental what would you say? Brooklyn? Silverlake? How about Guadalajara, México….well here comes DannielRadall. His sounds are in the clouds, spacey and mesmerizing almost like the late 90’s sounds from Air, Chicane, etc. Take that sound, bolt on classic 80’s samples and you have the perfect summer sound. Chillwave is not his sound, he’s defined his own soundscape and we love it. When DannielRadall attacks the sound he makes it current and emotional. There’s depth of sound.

“Alone Again”

“Lucy Lu”


For a free download of the La femme EP —>Amdiscs….to buy it

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