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UNCORKED™ – Band of the Day (1.12.12) I Break Horses

11 Jan

Is this becoming the year of selfish band names? I Break Horses bring home cooked Swedish dream pop.

Uncorked™ I Break Horses

When we listen to music, we often joke here about how it made you feel. It most cases, we don’t feel anything. In some cases we tap our toes and in the rare case we get that chill up our spine and the hair on our head tingles. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t explain why that happens, but I can say that’s a good thing. I remember the first time I heard all of my favorite bands. I Break Horses isn’t your typical dream gaze XX/XY duo. Fredrik Balck, is the instrumental guy, and Maria Lindén who handles the vocals met in 2008 under unusual circumstances: both self-professed hypochondriacs, visited the same online medical sites, discovered they shared friends as well as a passion the same music. Their tracks aren’t layered in heavy shoe gaze wall of sound, rather, they take the Washed Out route and keep the instrumentals simple. Maybe two-three layered tracks with Maria’s beautiful voice adorning the sound. They use their fear of dying as inspiration for their lyrics, focusing on the fragility of life. I will say that the first time I heard Hearts that chill ran up my spine and NO I wasn’t worried that I had some rare spinal virus…Thank you again to AZ Turk for adding them to his Top Gems of 2011

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Members: Fredrik Balck, Maria Lindén
Sonic Soulmates™: Washed Out, Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo Lake


I Break Horses Official

STAFF PICKS: Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10’s of 2011

30 Dec

The Arizona Turk's Gems of 2011 - Top 10 Tracks, Albums and Bands

Now that the Hummingbirds are distributed to the fine bands of 2011, it’s time for us to celebrate our Excavator Picks for 2011. The Excavator is a specialist only employed by NBD. They dig and dig and dig for the best tracks and bands.

Arizona Turk is the king of excavating, going to shows, buying records, digging the blogs and he finds some dandy gems. Here are his picks for the 2011 Top Tracks. Who better than the best gem of them all Arizona Turk.

Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10 Tracks of 2011
10. The Men “Bataille”
9. Trophy Wife “Canopy Shade”
8. Tribes “We Were Children”
7. Para Siempre “No Way Out”
6. Summer Camp “I Want You”
5. Sports Bar “Anisa, Nah She Don’t Live Here No More”
4. S.C.U.M. “Amber Hands”
3. Tours “Tough Lately”
2. Acid Kicks “Life Dreams”
1. I Heart Sharks “Summer”


Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10 ALBUMS of 2011
10. Vaccines What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
9. Youth Lagoon The Year OF Hibernation
8. EMA Past Life Martyred Saints
Little Girls Cults
6. James Vincent McMorrow Early In The Morning
5. Slowness Hopeless But Otherwise
4. True Widow As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center Of The Circumference Of The Earth
3. Washed Out Within And Without
2. I Heart Sharks Summer
1. Donkeys Born With Stripes

Just missed:
Miles Kane Colour Of The Trap
Chapel Club Palace
Metromony The English Riviera…I know they have been around forever
The Antlers Burst Apart …couldn’t leave it off
The Men Leave Home
Sports Bar Demo
Cinemascopes Cinemascopes EP

My favorite album of the year:
The Horrors Skying

Welcome Back:
Death in Vegas Trans-Love-Energies

Best Reissues:
1. Talk Talk Laughing Stock (VINYL)
2. Ride Nowhere – 2 disc Rhino set
3. Archers Of Loaf Icky Mettle
4. Disco Inferno The 5 EPs
5. This Mortal Coil

AND HE EVEN GAVE US HIS TOP 10 BANDS OF 2011 (Though most of these will be on our 2012 list)
Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10 BANDS of 2011

10. Little Girls
9. Dirty Beaches
8. Belong
7. Cinemascopes
6. Blouse
6. Slowness
5. True Widow
4. I Break Horses
3. Swimming
2. James Vincent McMorrow
1. I Heart Sharks


Sophomore Strength – Best Second Records of 2011 Must Buy Vinyl List

10 Oct

The Sophomore Strength

Sophomore’s Rule

2011 is shaping up to be the year of second records. Or at least the “Next” record for many of our NBD favorites. Seriously, I think this new age of releasing EPs has helped turn these bands into better album makers. These records are great! Seriously better than we expected. Just download the new Girls record and you’ll hear for yourself. That’s right, albums from our favorite “Already Profiled” bands. Below find the links to these artists and the link to their new records. And yes they are in order of our favorite. Support the bands and their plans! If you click through to a Facebook link, it’s only because we featured those artists on our FB page before we launched the blog.

1. Widowspeak – The new album is here and it’s VERY VERY good. The two tracks on their profile are included on their self-titled record.

“Puritan” – If haven’t been listening then are you okay? Because everyone’s talking about Widowspeak.
Buy Now

2. GirlsFather, Son, Holy Ghost is so good, I think I’ve listened to it about 1000 times. The bad is maturing and you can hear it in their sound.

“Vomit” – Heard this once and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for months. I hate repeat, but I don’t hate this track.
Buy now

3. YuckYuck S/TEverybody has them on their list now. It’s cool. At least we can say we profiled them over 18 months ago. Love these guys because they bring back what I loved so much about The Smashing Pumpkins, dual overlayed guitars and the Sonic Youth obsession. These Canadians may be the lone leftovers of last year’s obsession with the maple leaf. Great band!

“Georgia” – Wow. 90’s rock. Sonic Youth meets The Pumpkins meets Screaming Trees meets flannels and boots.
Buy now

4. Balam Acab Wander/Wonder – Alec Koone has been our obsession for some time and this full length is so worth the vinyl.

“Oh Why” – Haunting for your October chill. Just a great track.
Buy now

5. CultsCults S/T – These tracks ended up in our inbox about 16 months ago. They were sly and anonymous, but everyone seemed to get the same mail. We called around and everyone said the same thing “Did you hear that track” we were all in shock, and we wanted more. Well we got a record and it is just as good. So good.

“Oh My God” – Yes it’s that good.
Buy now

6. Washed OutWithin and Without – Chill summer music, perfect for the beach or a romp under the sheets. So shows the album cover. We loved him back in 2010 and 2011 has been a break-out year for him.

“Amor Fati” – Spacey dreamy track from one of our favorite digs.
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7. Toro Y Moi Underneath The Pine – I’ve spent the better part of 35 years focusing on music and what I like. My tastes are my tastes, but I’ve never been more moved when I heard TYM for the first time. Now he’s three LPs and a few EPs in and his maturity is showing.

“Still Sound” – Another groove from our favorite winter sweater boppin’ fave. https://newbandday.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/09_still_sound.mp3'
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8. Nurses – New album Dracula is so friggin good. The Muse and I saw this Portland trio open live at the haunted Brookdale lodge in Santa Cruz for last years NBD #1 artist Tallest Man on Earth. The track is below and it’s good!

“Fever Dreams” – Hard to describe this track. Just listen
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9. Real EstateDays Really one of our favorite finds from 2009 that carried over to 2010 and has stayed with us. The album comes out next week, but we know it will be great.

“Green Aisles” – Can you see the excitement. Well you can at least listen to it.
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Band of the Day (1.27.11) – MillionYoung

27 Jan
cred: David Andrako www.davidandrako.com

cred: David Andrako http://www.davidandrako.com of MillionYoung

Band of the Day (1.27.11) MillionYoung

Chillwave was a 2010 phenom, at least it was the talks of the blogs. Our faves in the category, Washed Out and Toro Y Moi, were chilly and wavy, but they had a flavor of groove. Both captured the airy space sound, but they coupled that with beautiful harmonies and layered sounds. MillionYoung, of Ft. Lauderdale, So Florida, captures the finest of chillwave but he adds in a layer of clean guitar that really makes for a great sound. Where he may get a little out of tune on some tracks, he makes up for it on the tracks where he stays on track, in tune. MillionYoung is a pseudonym for South Florida’s Mike Diaz. His first EP was released in 2009, “Sunndream”. His second EP was released in early 2010, entitled “Be So True”. He’s potentially got the chance to dethrone our chilled leaders…you be the judge, listen below…

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, FL, USA
Members: Mike Diaz
Sonic Soulmates: Toro Y Moi, Washed Out,
Must hear tracks:

“Gravity Feels” – Wow there is a lot going on here. At around 3:00 minutes the song hits a new level, love this track.

“001” – Very Toro Y Moi…really like this track as well

Follow Millionyoung:
Official Site

HEAR IT: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT: “Feel It All Around” / “New Theory” / “You’ll See It”

16 Jul

“Feel It All Around” – SO SO SO STUPID GOOD

“New Theory” and “You’ll See It”

Well what’d ya think…Was I right…Tell me, I have confidence issues.

Band of the Day – (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

16 Jul

BOD: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

It’s so hot today. My face is melting or swelling, maybe it’s post swelling and just melting. My body hurts and my eyes won’t open. I decided to go to the pool, I jumped in, cooled off, then put on my headphones, popped them into my iPhone and put on my “Chill Brotha” playlist. First track, my forgotten band from summer 2009…WASHED OUT. Are you kidding me Ernest Greene, you are amazing. I hit a stride with the cool breeze and I released the last of the summer heat, I clicked that little oval button on the track “Feel it All Around” and had to hear it one more time. My God he’s amazing…he’s Stupid Good. My day is complete, now it’s time for a beer.

In June 2009, Greene moved back home to the rural town of Perry, Georgia to record in his bedroom…nothing like conjuring up the memories of home, by moving back into it. I’m glad mom and dad let him create this time, because I am so satisfied with what he produced. It’s freeing, calming and just plain good. These two EPs were released back in late summer 2009 and he hasn’t released the Mayorship of Chillwave since. For all you Foursquarites, I don’t really care where you check-in or that you’re the mayor of your own house…cynical commentary…sorry.

I know, know, know WASHED OUT will be your new fave…tell me if you like..I like dialogue, I need more friends…so I hear. What…being friends with your girlfriend’s friends isn’t enough…I’m trying to make some new ones, so comment please. Love you all and have a great weekend. Listen to Washed Out…

Hear It:

Follow Washed Out on:
Washed Out Website