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HEAR IT: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT: “Feel It All Around” / “New Theory” / “You’ll See It”

16 Jul

“Feel It All Around” – SO SO SO STUPID GOOD

“New Theory” and “You’ll See It”

Well what’d ya think…Was I right…Tell me, I have confidence issues.

Band of the Day – (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

16 Jul

BOD: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

It’s so hot today. My face is melting or swelling, maybe it’s post swelling and just melting. My body hurts and my eyes won’t open. I decided to go to the pool, I jumped in, cooled off, then put on my headphones, popped them into my iPhone and put on my “Chill Brotha” playlist. First track, my forgotten band from summer 2009…WASHED OUT. Are you kidding me Ernest Greene, you are amazing. I hit a stride with the cool breeze and I released the last of the summer heat, I clicked that little oval button on the track “Feel it All Around” and had to hear it one more time. My God he’s amazing…he’s Stupid Good. My day is complete, now it’s time for a beer.

In June 2009, Greene moved back home to the rural town of Perry, Georgia to record in his bedroom…nothing like conjuring up the memories of home, by moving back into it. I’m glad mom and dad let him create this time, because I am so satisfied with what he produced. It’s freeing, calming and just plain good. These two EPs were released back in late summer 2009 and he hasn’t released the Mayorship of Chillwave since. For all you Foursquarites, I don’t really care where you check-in or that you’re the mayor of your own house…cynical commentary…sorry.

I know, know, know WASHED OUT will be your new fave…tell me if you like..I like dialogue, I need more friends…so I hear. What…being friends with your girlfriend’s friends isn’t enough…I’m trying to make some new ones, so comment please. Love you all and have a great weekend. Listen to Washed Out…

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