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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (5.17.12) Kishi Bashi

17 May

Kishi Bashi is pure Joy for your mid-May afternoon. Enjoy

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (5.17.12) Kishi Bashi
Some little bird told me that Kishi Bashi made her cry at his show in Boston. I said, “Come on, tears? This isn’t the 1984 Victory Tour with the Jacksons”, but I will say that his Flaming Lipsish soft orchestra approach is alluring. His live shows are mesmerizing and women, children and men may spontaneously weep, but it’s his layered complicated approach that will get him the notoriety he so deserves. Fall in love with Kishi like we have, the video game accompanying tracks make for a joyful experience, hear “Bright Whites” as he blends Eastern sounds with Western friendly tracks. Two tracks below. New record 151a is available here.

Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Members: K Ishibashi (aka Kishi Bashi) – He is a one man army of orchestral layers, Japanese vocals, and pure joy
Sonic Soulmates™: Flaming Lips, Brian Wilsonesque Smile,
“It All Began with a Burst”

“Bright Whites”


Band of the Day 3.1.11 Boas

1 Mar

RIchmond's Boas is Tyler Newbold and it's electronic bliss

Band of the Day 3.1.11 Boas

It’s the first day of March and after almost 60 days I don’t think we’ve profiled an ambient heavy electronic solo artist. Well Boas is Richmond, VA Tyler Newbold’s solo effort and it’s tough to place him into a genre or a sonic family. It’s one part experimental, one part psychadelica and a whole lot of cleverness. Take Thievery Corporation and place them in the studio with Stereolab. What do you get a gigantic experimental sound that rival the moodiness of Radiohead. It’s a bold statement and comparison, but what do we care, it’s TRUE. Boas can be that good, this is just the start, so follow now!

Pick-up Boas new LP Grave Dreams for FREE at Band Camp

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Members: Tyler Newbold
Sonic Soulmates: Thievery Corporation Meets Radiohead Meets Broken Social Scene Meets Stereolab
Must Hear Tracks:
“A Little Less Familiar” – Heavy beats, high falsettos and a brilliant track

“State of Colliding” – What the hell is this, I happen to adore it. Just get to 4:00 minutes and you’ll be in love

“No Reflection” – Just a disarming amount of layered beats. Wowoowowowo

Follow Boas:

HEAR IT: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS – “Pure Affection”

7 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS – “Pure Affection”

Let’s slow it down now…a pretty little hearbreaker from Daniel and Nicole. A beautiful track, not too sad because of Nicole’s ability to bring you back up.

WATCH IT: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS – “Secret Language”

7 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS – “Secret Language”

Nicole soothes the soul with her layered vocals, all packaged in a lo-fi summer sound. Crack open a Pabst, flip up your feet and wiggle your toes to Daniel’s clever drum beats.

Band of the Day: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS

7 Jul Roanoke, VA Boy/Girl Duo Delights


Roanoke Virgina girl boy duo bring the lo-fi jams to drive your emotions. Their heartbreaking tracks are coupled with quick soulful tunes that capture your mind and make summer that much better.


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