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WATCH IT: (6.28.10) CHAPPO – “Come Home”

28 Jun

Cue the tour video and watch them. These guys have serious vibe and they are so much cooler than you. Don’t bowl with these dudes, if you do, watch to your side. Love the editing, brings the track to life.

Hear It: (6.24.10) TAME IMPALA –

24 Jun

Here is the whole album for your pure listening enjoyment. I promise that this will be your new favorite band.

Hear It: (6.24.10) TAME IMPALA – Runway, Houses, City, Clouds

24 Jun

Tame Impala – Runway, Houses, City, Clouds

7 minutes of 60’s psych rock. I love this track and it’s actually approachable. If you love Dungen as much as I do, you’ll love this track.

Band of the Day (6.24.10) – TAME IMPALA

24 Jun Tame Impala

Tame Impala departed from Perth in 2008, signed with Modular with one mission, bring us space age rock with Parker’s Lennon style vocals. It’s beauty is consistent and instantaneous. They belong in The Ark, that place where bands named after animals reside. Enjoy

Hear: “Runway Houses, City Clouds”