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Band of the Day (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

22 Nov

BOD (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

With the success of Florence and The Machine, there will be a slew of new female led, drama queens hitting the scene. Unfortunately, every single one will be compared to the “Oh I wish I was Siouxsie Sioux” vocals standards. I think our team at NBD has profiled at least 60 bands that I would consider far more inventive and stylish to that of Florence. Today is definitely one of those days.

Memoryhouse is so good, she actually gave me chills the first time I listened. I love The xx for one reason, it’s that simple solo guitar that intros Romy Madley Croft’s vocals. I find that so alluring and it really draws the emotion of the vocals. Memoryhouse is Guelph, Ontario’s Evan Abeele, classically trained and Denise Nouvion’s photographic mind, melded together to form a soulful Beach House/My Bloody Valentine. They don’t conjure sadness, but rather a sense of passion. They make me want to create. Their simple electronic drum beats never seem Yacht-like, or campy, they are better than The xx and I think you’ll find their music a great accompaniment to the blustery winter weather. Denise’s voice will warm your heart as your bearing the snowy winter doldrums. I think we’ll add them to the mainstage of our Inukshuk Festival

“Sleep Patterns” – Simple guitars, electronic drum beats and Denise’s beautiful vocals.

“To The Lighthouse” – My favorite song off the EP and I really think it will make our 2010 Top 10…lovely tracks.

Memoryhouse “To the Lighthouse”

MemoryHouse Blog

HEAR IT: (7.1.10) MATHEMAGIC – “Breaststroke”

1 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.1.10) MATHEMAGIC – I think it’s a perfect summer track. Made for the beach tent, dawn with your loved one and one blanket as you watch the sun go down. It’s dreamy, spacey and a good good next stage of The Pet Sound…I am coining that term for all bands that use The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” sound…

Band of the Day (7.1.10) MATHEMAGIC – Happy Canada Day!

1 Jul Canada Rules the Music World

BOD: (7.1.10) MATHEMAGIC – I love Canada Day…I’ve celebrated it several times in Banff, Vancouver and Calgary. It’s a great time, and it’s a dandy excuse for us to celebrate the fact that today’s best music is coming from the Great White North. Arts & Crafts introduced most of us stars and stripers to the scene with Broken Social Scene, Stars, Zeus, etc. It was Arcade Fire from Montreal that owned 2008, and now it’s Mathemagic who will blow your mind. On April 13th they released their Paper Bag EP and it’s wonderful.

Mathemagic is a collaboration of brothers Evan and Dylan Euteneier from Guelph Ontario. Their sonic similarity most resembles that of The Beach Boys, Animal Collective, Washed Out and even a little Toro y Moi.

Follow them on MySpace only.

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