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THE HUMMINGBIRDS (The 20 Best New Bands of 2010)

5 Dec

You Want One of These

First of all let me thank you! This is the First Annual Hummingbird Awards and we owe it to you. This has been an amazing year for us here at NBD. We profiled over 200 bands, bands have thanked us and you fans have been supportive of us. So to close out this year, we going to count ’em down. It’s time, we’ve taken the last week to study our picks. We’ve found a few things..

1. You fans love your bands
2. Canada is producing some amazing music in 2010
3. Sweden and the Nordics are producing even better music (I’ll leave it to you to defend your music)
4. The Pet Sound was hot in early 2010, but it’s been replaced by….
5. XX/XY duos – WOW there a ton of female/male duos this year.
6. Singer songwriters will be all over our top 10
7. Arizona Turk has a lot to say about the list
8. We don’t give the award to bands that have already made it…we reward the ones who need it.
9. Our favorite band of the year is a shocker
10. Hummingbirds are amazing birds…Your Band Wants To Win a Hummingbird!

A Hummingbird is the most prestigious award a new band can receive. Hands down, if you win one, your life will never be the same.


2010 Hummingbird Awards
Hummingbird Award #20: Crocodiles
Hummingbird Award #19: Miniature Tigers
Hummingbird Award #18: Gamble House
Hummingbird Award #17: Tame Impala
Hummingbird Award #16: Paper Crows
Hummingbird Award #15: Perfume Genius
Hummingbird Award #14: The Fresh & Onlys
Hummingbird Award #13: Tennis
Hummingbird Award #12: Memoryhouse
Hummingbird Award #11: Karkwa
Hummingbird Award #10: Lord Huron
Hummingbird Award #9: Sleigh Bells
Hummingbird Award #8: Crystal Fighters
Hummingbird Award #7: Efterklang
Hummingbird Award #6: Best Coast
Hummingbird Award #5: Jim Jones Revue
Hummingbird Award #4: Chapel Club
Hummingbird Award #3: The Radio Dept.
Hummingbird Award #2: The Pomegranates
Hummingbird Award #1: The Tallest Man On Earth

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All the Hummingbirds

Band of the Day (11.2.10) Moto Boy

2 Nov

BOD (11.2.10) Motoboy

Moto Boy is Oskar Humlebo from the coastal town of Malm√∂, Sweden. He’s a “Swedish ice cream loving francophile musician with the ability to grow goosebumps on your body with my voice, melodies and romantic arrangements.” His voice is marvelous and it reminds me of Jeff Buckley a sprinkle of Rufus Wainwright and a splash of Wild Beasts. Not as bombastic as WB, but clearly in a league all by himself with the voice. If you want your heart ripped out and gently placed back into your chest, then Oskar is your man. His arrangements are sophisticated and heart-wrenching without taking away from his pop appeal. I find Moto Boy to be the high-brow choice for artist of the year. Thank you to our Nordic Music Excavator Bristian for uncovering this masterpiece.

“When My Heart is High” – Clearly the most POP worthy track from his new album Lost In The Call

Download –>08 When My Heart Was High

“Nite Time is My Time” – With songwriting like this, you’d never guess that English is a second language.

Download —>Motoboy – “Nite Time Is My Time”

“The Heart is a Rebel” – This is the song that will make him famous and it sounds like a guitar driven Keane

Download —> Moto Boy – “The Heart Is A Rebel”


Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles

1 Nov

Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles

Okay, I’m writing this and watching Brian Wilson win the city of San Francisco their first baseball championship. Quite a night for our city. We felt it appropriate to focus on a band from a city that gave the Giants the NL West, Crocodiles of San Diego. 2008-09’s meteoric rise of the “Neon Jesus” single catapulted Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez to almost-fame. They’re still on a tear with a sound that is a tribute to the early 80’s indie rock/electronic of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Love and Rockets and even a little Echo. In 2010 they released Sleep Forever and our good friend Bristian reminded us of our most giant band crush…with two great tracks. Love them like we do. Please let us when you get back on tour, hope everything is okay guys.

“I Wanna Kill” – Love and Rockets garage synth sound.

Download —>>>>Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

“Sleep Forever” – Jesus and the Marypranksters…love this TRACK SO MUCH!!!!

Download —>>>Crocodiles – “Sleep Forever”


Band of the Day (10.19.10) VETO

19 Oct

Band of the Day (10.19.10) VETO

So thank God for our kick ass music excavators. Arizona Turk has been on a roll lately, introducing the fans to incredible new music. Our newest family member Bristian, Nordics King, blew up my Inbox with some pretty amazing stuff as well.

Today’s BOD, VETO bring electro-dance, rage rock direct from Copenhagen. The music is aggressive, but the vocals and lyrics have a Kasabian flare. Their breaks set-up the dance floor for Kasabian style choruses. Their music is tightly programmed but not overproduced like Perfect Circle or many many others. Their a cleaner, quicker version of Bloc Party with a mix of Dismemberment Plan. Their down-temp tracks are very Depeche Mode in styling. This perfect combination shows that electronic music is truly the world’s music. If you didn’t know, you would have guessed that the boys of Veto were from Brooklyn. VETO has a gigantic Danish and European following after two consecutive years of touring. They’ve yet to break-through in the US. Again, it’s time for the international NBDers to make VETO big! Take a ride with these tracks and let us know your thoughts.

“Blackout” – Grind out track that will get your blood pumping.

“You Say Yes I Say Yes”

“Bring It On”

Troels Abrahamsen
Vocals, Keys, Programming

David Krogh Andersen

Mark Lee
Keys, Programming

Jens Skov Thomsen
Bass, Keys

Mads Hasager
Drums, Programming


Band of the Day (10.11.10) Little Children

12 Oct

BOD (10.11.10) Little Children

Today is a huge day, a day we celebrate because we have a new music excavator. Someone to own The Nordics, digging ever deeper to find us the best new music from the great North. Bristian comes to us from Lund in southern Sweden, he’s a music junkie and he’s been introducing us to new music for sometime now. Please read his bio here

With Little Children, Linus Lutti’s musical alias since early 2009, the tone is the quiet, emotional and sincere. He’s from Stockholm and his voice is soft. The low-key style is his thing, it’s an unmatched tone, but the arrangements of sparse guitar, horns and woodwind instruments could rival that of Bon Iver. Add a jazzy touch like that of John Legend or Jamie Cullum and you have the perfection of Little Children. See Little Children touring London in November…

“Hold On” – This song will make our top 25 for the year.

Download now: Little Children – “Hold On”


Download now: Little Children – “Salvation”