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Best New Bands of 2012 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #7: Johnathon Boulet

19 Dec
Just listen and trust us. One of the best records of the year.

Just listen and trust us. One of the best records of the year.

Best New Bands of 2012 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #7: Johnathon Boulet

Since we already posted the Playlist for the End of Times, which by note is on Friday, we couldn’t help ourselves and we had to award Johnathon Boulet with a Hummingbird. Nothing this year got us more pumped up for a fist fight then Johnathon Boulet. I wanted to watch Australian Rules Football drink a pint of Foster’s and beat some ass. There is no single rock record that should be listened to this year then their new LP We Keep The Beat Found the Sound See the Need Start the Heart. We dare you to hate it. Fine we hope you love them like we do. By the way, we know you music snobs will remind us that Johnathon Boulet had a record in 2009, and yes that record rules too, but seriously they deserve the nod and they are still considered BREAKING!!!! SO break them you fan boys!

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Label: Ode to my boys at Modular
Ravi Gupta
Tim Watkins
Harrison Wood
David Rogers
Jono Boulet
Sonic Soulmates™: Indie Folk is what they call themselves???? Less Mumford and more Kasabian. A little Kurt Vile’s lonely loveliness, Blur’s get up and riot attitude, and Kasabian’s anarchy anthems.
Trackables™ from her new LP We Keep The Beat Found the Sound See the Need Start the Heart
“This Song is Called Ragged”
“You’re an Animal”
“Piao Voca Slung”

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Band of the Day (10.19.10) VETO

19 Oct

Band of the Day (10.19.10) VETO

So thank God for our kick ass music excavators. Arizona Turk has been on a roll lately, introducing the fans to incredible new music. Our newest family member Bristian, Nordics King, blew up my Inbox with some pretty amazing stuff as well.

Today’s BOD, VETO bring electro-dance, rage rock direct from Copenhagen. The music is aggressive, but the vocals and lyrics have a Kasabian flare. Their breaks set-up the dance floor for Kasabian style choruses. Their music is tightly programmed but not overproduced like Perfect Circle or many many others. Their a cleaner, quicker version of Bloc Party with a mix of Dismemberment Plan. Their down-temp tracks are very Depeche Mode in styling. This perfect combination shows that electronic music is truly the world’s music. If you didn’t know, you would have guessed that the boys of Veto were from Brooklyn. VETO has a gigantic Danish and European following after two consecutive years of touring. They’ve yet to break-through in the US. Again, it’s time for the international NBDers to make VETO big! Take a ride with these tracks and let us know your thoughts.

“Blackout” – Grind out track that will get your blood pumping.

“You Say Yes I Say Yes”

“Bring It On”

Troels Abrahamsen
Vocals, Keys, Programming

David Krogh Andersen

Mark Lee
Keys, Programming

Jens Skov Thomsen
Bass, Keys

Mads Hasager
Drums, Programming