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Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #3 The Radio Dept.

27 Dec

The Radio Dept. Will be the biggest band from 2010

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #3 The Radio Dept.

They were our favorite band of 2010 mid-year. We anointed them perfect because their album was and still is perfect. It is our album of the year, but they were surpassed. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of our #1. The band was a pure concept in 1995, named after a gas station in Lund, Sweden, they disbanded soon after, then in 2009, they reformed with new members and became pure perfection. With an ode to the synth modern wave rock of the 80’s with bands like The Pet Shop Boys or The Cure, their music is tightly arranged allowing for airy simplicity in the synth. It isn’t sad or morose like the My Bloody Valentines, but relaxing and fun like The Pet Shop Boys. So sad they’re not #1, but there are two bands that just did it better in 2010. We love The Radio Dept. and we know they will be one of the 2010 alums that will be BIG BIG BIG!!!

Hometown: Malmö / Stockholm, SE
Band Members: Daniel Tjäder – Keyboards, Martin Carlberg- Guitar, Johan Duncanson – Guitar and vocals
Sonic Soulmates: The Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine
Tracks of the Year:
“Heavens on Fire” – My favorite new song since 2000.

“Domestic Scene” – Best opening track to an album since “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Their Mid-Year Hummingbird Championship: Best of 2010..So Far

Band Site

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Hummingbird Award #3: The Radio Dept.

Band of the Day (11.2.10) Moto Boy

2 Nov

BOD (11.2.10) Motoboy

Moto Boy is Oskar Humlebo from the coastal town of Malmö, Sweden. He’s a “Swedish ice cream loving francophile musician with the ability to grow goosebumps on your body with my voice, melodies and romantic arrangements.” His voice is marvelous and it reminds me of Jeff Buckley a sprinkle of Rufus Wainwright and a splash of Wild Beasts. Not as bombastic as WB, but clearly in a league all by himself with the voice. If you want your heart ripped out and gently placed back into your chest, then Oskar is your man. His arrangements are sophisticated and heart-wrenching without taking away from his pop appeal. I find Moto Boy to be the high-brow choice for artist of the year. Thank you to our Nordic Music Excavator Bristian for uncovering this masterpiece.

“When My Heart is High” – Clearly the most POP worthy track from his new album Lost In The Call

Download –>08 When My Heart Was High

“Nite Time is My Time” – With songwriting like this, you’d never guess that English is a second language.

Download —>Motoboy – “Nite Time Is My Time”

“The Heart is a Rebel” – This is the song that will make him famous and it sounds like a guitar driven Keane

Download —> Moto Boy – “The Heart Is A Rebel”