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Best Bands of 2010 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #19 Miniature Tigers

6 Dec

Best Bands of 2010
#19 Hummingbird Award – Miniature Tigers

From Phoenix, AZ to Brooklyn’s Park Slope, Miniature Tigers have been on the edge of major stardom for 4 years. This years Fortress could qualify as the record of the year. It’s a beautiful mesh of Supergrass and minimalistic electronic beats. At times the band vibes like it’s 2006, then at times they pluck and prod their way like Panda Bear or Toro y Moi.

Hometown – Brooklyn, NY
Members – Frontman-guitarist Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier on drums and vocals, Algernon Quashie on guitar, keyboard and vocals, and on bass and vocals.
Sonic Soulmates – Supergrass, Panda Bear, Toro y Moi and Vampire Weekend
Track of the Year:
“Goldskull” – I told you it would be on our list of top for 2010.


Original Post: 10.5.10

2010 Hummingbird Awards
Hummingbird Award #20: Crocodiles –>
Hummingbird Award #19: Miniature Tigers

Band of the Day (10.5.10) Miniature Tigers

5 Oct

BOD (10.5.10) Miniature Tigers

Brooklyn indie pop rock, dabbed with a little Supergrass are what make Miniature Tigers great. So they made the trek to the big slope from Phoenix, but it was worth it. You all are probably snickering saying, “Dude Miniature Tigers were so Band of the Day in 2006.” Possibly, and yest CMJ did award them the top crown in 2008, but it’s Fortress that will define this band. Tell it To the Volcano was a fine record for these boys, but they released it smack dab in the in The Vampire Weekend years and they got lumped into that genre. It’s this latest record that makes them special and worthy of the daily jeweled crown. Miniature Tigers have perfected that Brit Rock Supergrass sound and they’ll make it bigger than Supergrass did. Those poor guys released fantastic records every year, and the US just ignored them…

“Goldskull” – You’ve heard this single by now and it’s fantastic. WIll make the NBD Top 10. It’s GREAT!

Download –>Miniature Tigers – “Goldskull”

“Egyptian Rose” – The second best track on the album, showing their love for 90’s Brit Indie rock…piano in tow!

The band is made up of frontman-guitarist Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier on drums and vocals, Algernon Quashie on guitar, keyboard and vocals, and Alex Gerber on bass and vocals.