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Band of Day (10.27.10) Foals

27 Oct

Band of the Day (10.27.10) Foals

I don’t care, I know they’re not a new band and I know that every blog in the world is talking about Foals, but my level of care is at 0. I love Total Life Forever and I hope that A). you already do or B). you will after this post. Frankly, I’ve been listening since 2008 and to the current album non-stop on BART and I’m feeling like this album could be the Best Album of 2010.

We here at New.Band.Day have been in the music industry for a long, long time and when one of the your colleagues is taken away from this Earth at an early age, you can’t help but embrace life a little harder. It makes us even more grateful that we can listen to great music…all because of those hard working people. Foals is a SubPop band and when I heard the news that our good friend Andy Kotowicz, a staple at the label, was killed, I was devastated. It was only because of Andy that Foals has been a passion of mine.

So today’s post is a tribute to our good friend and lost soldier of great music…Andy. For more information on how to help Andy’s family, please go here.

If you don’t know Foals, here is the DNA….
Band: Yannis Philippakis (Vocals, Guitar, Live Drums), Jack Bevan (Drums), Jimmy Smith (Guitar), Edwin Congreave (Keyboard, Backing Vocals), Walter Gervers (Bass, Backing Vocals)
From: Oxford, England
Albums: 2010 Total Life Forever // 2008 Antidotes Mercury Prize nominated
Origins: 2004 Oxford, The Edmund Fitzgerald // Youthmovies
Sound-like: A fusion of Fleet Foxes and Bloc Party but add a little Catherine Wheel and Battles.

“This Orient”

“Spanish Sahara” -The build-up pays off @ 4:15

Official Foals

Band of the Day (8.13.10) Stornoway

13 Aug Oxford boys remind us why music is good.

BOD: (8.13.10) Stornoway

Teenage Fanclub fans rejoiced when the band announced and released their new album this year. They were probably the best kept secret of the 90s and even today. Grunge buried anything that didn’t have an amp with some level of distortion. I’m feeling like 2010 is shaping up to be similar. Bands with The Pet Sound, that melodic spacey repetition, with layers of sound taking the lead dominate today’s music market. Simple acoustic British bands are again being missed. Not anymore, Stornoway is a classic British sound, similar to Teenage Fanclub, Travis, Madness horns and Rufus Wainwritghtish vocals. Their poppy sound with clever songwriting bring us back to days of lore where music wasn’t managed by a Mac and albums were the only way to enjoy it. I miss those days, and Stornoway makes me feel good inside. Buy the new album Beachcomber’s Windowsill here, came out on 8.11.10

Stornoway come from the Cowley area of Oxford, England and they are:
Brian Briggs – Vocals/Guitar
Rob Steadman – Drums
Ollie Steadman – Bass guitar
Jonathan Ouin – Keys/Strings
Adam Briggs – Trumpet
Rahul Satija – Violin

“Zorbing” single from 2009.

“I Saw You Blink” – Happy upbeat Brits…love the feeling I get from this track

Follow the boys here:
Band site