Band of the Day: (7.27.10) THE JIM JONES REVUE

27 Jul


I’ve been waiting two weeks to post the BOD story about The Jim Jones Revue. I swear the first time I heard them I thought someone ripped some vinyl from a 1965 classic that was missed by the masses. I listened again and didn’t hear any popping, I just heard something new that should have been and could have been the best rock/soul record of it’s time. So It’s now time we declare this as the best rock/soul record ever??? I don’t know if we can say that, but seriously, I love it and think you will too. Please be careful if you listen to it on headphones, be prepared for it to hurt your ears.

A little background on the boys from London. The band members JIM JONES : VOCALS / GUITAR, RUPERT ORTON : GUITARS, ELLIOT MORTIMER : PIANO, GAVIN JAY : BASS, NICK JONES : DRUMS claim to be in the punk/blues vain. I really really really beg you to just listen, close your eyes and imagine being in a smokey run down bar a little north of Mobile, AL circa 1964. Really it’s the band of the month for me, blows through all of them. It’s the wailing guitar, coupled with the banging piano and Jim’s screaming and wailing at top octane. Blues guitar, slapping piano and classic 60’s soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as me. If someone gave Little Richard some rage you’d have JJR.

“Cement Mixer” – Dear God, this track will rock you. The build-up is out of this world then it delivers the punch to your gut.


“Hey Hey Hey Hey” – This is their best track. BY FAR!

And if I’d convinced you to love this band…Daytrotter rules…free download of The Jim Jones Revue Session

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