Band of the Day (11.16.10) Games

16 Nov

BOD: Games

Avalanches meet trip-hop chill. Don’t you miss Avalanches? It was a publishers nightmare, but they were fantastic. Games are the Brooklyn Duo Daniel Lopatin and childhood friend Joel Ford getting their love from Stereogum and the BloggerBoys. Two tracks have been posted since September, both are below. That We Can Play, is an EP layered in purple juiced, slowed down R&B jams. Great work music and good good stuff for a bleary Friday afternoon. Tears for Fears or anything Richard Blade played on KROQ in LA would fit right into the same genre as Games. Second track is from their new EP, first one is not, but I love it more.

“Everything is Working” – Love this most.

MP3 – Games – “Everything Is Working”

“Shadow in Bloom” – 80’s Tears for Fearish track…

MP3 Games – “Shadows In Bloom”

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