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Band of the Day (2.9.11) John Heart Jackie

9 Feb

Portland deliver's the XX/XY duo of John Heart Jackie

Band of the Day (2.9.11) John Heart Jackie

I was in the for some moody female vocals today. Nothing depressing, just something sweet and moody. I received an email from John Heart Jackie with their new album and it fit my pleasantly perfect day. They’re an XX/XY trio from Portland. It’s folk driven music that brings light through your ears. Pleasant song structure and lyrics that are nice…couple that with Jennie Wayne’s Jenny Lewis vocals and a Peter Murray’s best attempt at Beck’s Seachange vocals. Kinda love Jennie Wayne’s voice when it’s solo….I listened to the record and was begging for a little more Jennie. Love Peter’s vocals on the track below, but it’s angelic airy layers of Jennie’s interludes that make it sound so much better. Really love these guys and I know you will too.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Members: Jennie Wayne and Peter Murray
Sonic Soulmates: Beck, Jenny Lewis
Awards: NPR Song of the Day
Must Hear Tracks:

“What Came Before” – This is the money track. Peter’s Seachange moment…

“You’ve Been on My Mind” – Jennie wow’s me here…Love this track and it make me want to surprise her with a doorstep appearance and a couple of daisies.

Follow John Heart Jackie:
JHJ Blog
Official JHJ site

Band of the Day (9.8.10) Bombay Bicycle Club

8 Sep

BOD (9.8.10) Bombay Bicycle Club

These boys have a knack for acoustic, folky indie rock. Their simple songs are emotional and classic. I know they’re not new, but they also deserve to be the Band of the Day. Anything to spread great music. The boys are from Crouch End, London and they are heavily influenced by that Fleet Foxes type sound, and the shimmering voice of Jack Steadman is amazing. There are harmonies that rival those of CSN and there are those moments that Steadman stands alone and he bares his soul for us. I love these guys and it’s time they get the love they deserve here in the US. Thank you to Arizona Turk for turning us on to this amazing band.

“My God”

“Word By Word” – Quite possibly a candidate for song of the year. Steadman’s voice rivals Nick Drake and Conor Oberst

Jack Steadman
vocals, guitars and bass
Jamie MacColl
guitars, bass and vocals
Suren De Saram
drums and chanting
Ed Nash
bass and keys


Band of the Day: (7.30.10) FUTUREBIRDS

30 Jul Athens is back


Oh Athens, how I have missed your music scene. You’ve pumped out some splendid bands, artists, sounds but where have you been? The B-52s, REM, The 40 Watt Club and UGA were hubs for new sounds. Hibernating perhaps? Well if this is your creation after all those years, I am impressed. FUTUREBIRDS are splendid and unique. In an age of derivative dribble, we get a clever marriage between melodic PET SOUNDS and folky twang. Thank you for waking up and adding to our ARK of sounds in 2010.

The boys and one very attractive lady listed below, as seen on their Facebook, are FUTUREBIRDS

Paytonius Bradford: cognition cap
D WAHLMACK: elevated aquatic jumping device
C W ” Mr. Moccasin” King: grease-stained monkey wrench
“Regulaytah” Thomas Johnson: plays the field
B MAH ! ! ! : THE J.O. BUD
J Holt: halo mission (when she feels like it)
Dahnnis Love: seated pick axe

So it’s an amazing array of instruments played by talented musicians all coming together for one sole cause…great music. The spacey folk is so good and unique, please please listen to “Johnny Utah” it’s sooooo so nice on this hottt summer day.

Hampton’s Lullaby, is available on Autumn Tone records.


“Johnny Utah”

“Dirty D”


Band of the Day – (7.22.10) SLOW CLUB

22 Jul Brits XX/XY duo kinda rock

BOD: (7.22.10) SLOW CLUB

Was everyone getting nervous? Listening to innovative songs in Spanish, can be uncomfortable for many, but if you close your eyes, imagine the heat, grab a cold drink and just relax. I bet your Indie rock shell will crack and your ears will thank you. So today I take you back to the comfortable place of XX/XY duos. Acoustic guitars, birds chirping, we’re in love, we break up and now we’re back together. Create a cool band name, buy a drum machine, make t-shirts, get into a SXSW showcase, make the Facebook page and you’re in. Oh but here comes the uncomfortable part….SLOW CLUB actually takes traditional folk Omaha sounds and then rocks with electric guitars. It’s much like what Sleigh Bells did to The XX or The White Stripes did to The Carpenters. Slow Club does to Edward Sharpe. They actually sound better when they rock.

Brits who share lead, King and Queen perhaps? The band is made up of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. The band also incorporates crazy percussion instruments, glasses, chairs, etc. Love their dynamic and their ability to bang on the drums, wail a vocal and kick in the guitar. I feel like it’s a perfect Back to School sound. End of Summer, much bigger feel than two people.

“Giving Up On Love”

“Giving Up On Love” MP3

“It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” – Follows a really nice Saddlecreek Folk sound…Tilly and the Wall maybe? Edward Sharpish…

“Our Most Brilliant Friends”

“Christmas TV” – They can also tug at your heartstrings…


Band of the Day: (7.12.10) CHIEF

12 Jul So. Cal Americana

BOD: (7.12.10) CHIEF

Santa Monica boys bring So-Cal Americana to the fold. I first heard them on World Cafe awhile back and they were truly an amazing band. They’re not, “trying to be” from So-Cal, they really are a twang heavy band. I like that about them, Evan Koga, Mike Moonves, Danny and Michael Fujikawa, bring sweet sounds on their debut EP called Night and Day . Their full-length will be out sometime in mid-August, but I suggest picking up the EP to get you started.

Watch “Your Direction”

Find them:

Pick-up the EP on Insound