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23 Dec
#5 is oh so fine. Hey Sholay. Photo Credit Lofty Fiasco

#5 is oh so fine. Hey Sholay

Best New Bands of 2012 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #5: Hey Sholay

It’s always nice to spread the Christmas cheer and joy with an uplifting set of mates from Leeds and Sheffield. We’ve been harmonizing with them since August just waiting for this day to award them with a Hummingbird Award. They’re part indie anthem rock see Arcade Fire, part party music see Los Campesinos! with a final dash of London Suede for your festivus celebration. “Wishbone (Wish Wish Wish) is the song that will take them a mile above the Earth to their stardom. Whatever your taste, the album cleverly titled ((O)) will make your end of year plans a little happier.

Hometown: Sheffield and Leed, UK
Rob Philpot (Drums), Stef Kania (Bass, Moral Support), Liam Ward (Keys and Guitar), Liam Creamer (Vocals and keys and ) and Laurie Allport (Guitar)
Sonic Soulmates™: Arctic Monkeys, Maccabees, Los Campesinos!, London Suede
Trackables™ from the new LP ((O))
“My Blood”
“The Bears the Clocks the Bees”
“Wishbone (Wish Wish Wish)”

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Band of the Day – (7.22.10) SLOW CLUB

22 Jul Brits XX/XY duo kinda rock

BOD: (7.22.10) SLOW CLUB

Was everyone getting nervous? Listening to innovative songs in Spanish, can be uncomfortable for many, but if you close your eyes, imagine the heat, grab a cold drink and just relax. I bet your Indie rock shell will crack and your ears will thank you. So today I take you back to the comfortable place of XX/XY duos. Acoustic guitars, birds chirping, we’re in love, we break up and now we’re back together. Create a cool band name, buy a drum machine, make t-shirts, get into a SXSW showcase, make the Facebook page and you’re in. Oh but here comes the uncomfortable part….SLOW CLUB actually takes traditional folk Omaha sounds and then rocks with electric guitars. It’s much like what Sleigh Bells did to The XX or The White Stripes did to The Carpenters. Slow Club does to Edward Sharpe. They actually sound better when they rock.

Brits who share lead, King and Queen perhaps? The band is made up of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. The band also incorporates crazy percussion instruments, glasses, chairs, etc. Love their dynamic and their ability to bang on the drums, wail a vocal and kick in the guitar. I feel like it’s a perfect Back to School sound. End of Summer, much bigger feel than two people.

“Giving Up On Love”

“Giving Up On Love” MP3

“It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” – Follows a really nice Saddlecreek Folk sound…Tilly and the Wall maybe? Edward Sharpish…

“Our Most Brilliant Friends”

“Christmas TV” – They can also tug at your heartstrings…