Band of the Day: (7.30.10) FUTUREBIRDS

30 Jul


Oh Athens, how I have missed your music scene. You’ve pumped out some splendid bands, artists, sounds but where have you been? The B-52s, REM, The 40 Watt Club and UGA were hubs for new sounds. Hibernating perhaps? Well if this is your creation after all those years, I am impressed. FUTUREBIRDS are splendid and unique. In an age of derivative dribble, we get a clever marriage between melodic PET SOUNDS and folky twang. Thank you for waking up and adding to our ARK of sounds in 2010.

The boys and one very attractive lady listed below, as seen on their Facebook, are FUTUREBIRDS

Paytonius Bradford: cognition cap
D WAHLMACK: elevated aquatic jumping device
C W ” Mr. Moccasin” King: grease-stained monkey wrench
“Regulaytah” Thomas Johnson: plays the field
B MAH ! ! ! : THE J.O. BUD
J Holt: halo mission (when she feels like it)
Dahnnis Love: seated pick axe

So it’s an amazing array of instruments played by talented musicians all coming together for one sole cause…great music. The spacey folk is so good and unique, please please listen to “Johnny Utah” it’s sooooo so nice on this hottt summer day.

Hampton’s Lullaby, is available on Autumn Tone records.


“Johnny Utah”

“Dirty D”


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