The Week in Review (7.31.10)

1 Aug

Listen to the Jim Jones RevueHow was your week? Mine was fantastic, I found five new bands that made my day and now I’m hoping they make your week or even your month. One of my favorite bands possibly for year was introduced this week. Enjoy the music.

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Monday (7.26.10) Sisters, Aaron Pfannnebecker on Vocals, Guitars and Matt Conboy on Drums, Keyboards. They stack up the amps and pile drive their sound similar to early Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr. Malkmusesque. Brooklyn is home to Sisters

Sisters – “Highway Scratch”

Tuesday (7.27.10) The Jim Jones Revue This is the band of the month for me. I love them and so will you. It’s the wailing guitar, coupled with the banging piano and Jim’s screaming and wailing at top octane. Blues guitar, slapping piano and classic 60′s soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as me. If someone gave Little Richard some rage you’d have JJR. The boys are from London, but I believe Alabama is where their roots lie.

The Jim Jones Revue – “Hey Hey Hey Hey”

Wednesday (7.28.10) Amen Dunes – This is a timeless piece of music and am thoroughly impressed by Damon McMahon’s ability to make his sound both classic and modern. HEAR “Murder Dull Minds” to really get the best of what Amen Dunes can offer. Damon is from Brooklyn, NY now in Beijing.

Amen Dunes – “Murder Dull Minds”

Thursday (7.29.10) Frankie Rose and The Outs – If you’re a fan of Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and the Dum Dum Girls, then you’re a fan of Frankie Rose. Her stick thumping was and is the driving force behind them. Now, she’s stepping off the stool to get behind the mic to help lead The Outs. “Little Brown Haired Girls” is such an amazing track, conjuring up so many great recent female indie led bands.

Frankie Rose & The Outs “Little Brown Haired Girls”

Friday (7.30.10) FUTUREBIRDS – Athens, GA is back and they bring us FUTUREBIRDS. It’s an amazing array of instruments played by talented musicians all coming together for one sole cause…great music. The spacey folk is so good and unique, please please listen to “Johnny Utah” it’s sooooo so nice on this hottt summer day.

FUTUREBIRDS – “Johnny Utah”

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Thanks for listening

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