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Band of the Day (10.7.10) Warpaint

7 Oct

BOD: (10.7.10) Warpaint

All girl quartet Warpaint has been on the LA scene for some time now. Over three years of hard core touring, and a few EPs, the band has really found their groove. With a new LP hitting stores this fall, we’ve find the cherokee ladies of Silverlake perfectly mixing electronic sounds with layered vocals. As Cat Power goes retro cover chic, Warpaint smashes it live with the likes of John Frusciante mixing new tracks. Time to make Warpaint your favorite female artists of 2010.


Download — Warpaint – “Elephants”

“Billie Holiday” – Arranged by Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante, this track is vocals first and very pleasant

Download — Warpaint – BillieHoliday

Emily Kokal /// vocals, guitar
Theresa Wayman /// vocals, guitar
Jenny Lee Lindberg /// bass, vocals
Stella Mozgawa /// drums, keys, vocals


Band of the Day (9.3.10) BALAM ACAB

3 Sep


Macabre music makes for great Fridays. I love BALAM ACAB because their music takes you to the lowest depths but an angelic airy voice keeps you from sinking down to the bottom. It’s a clever way to play with sounds, and it’s what makes their music so great. Alec Koone is the mastermind from Ithaca, NY. Dude is only 19 and he’s crushing it. Not sure I’ve seen too many artists come from the Gorges, but this one will make a name for himself. I think you’ll love the sounds.

“Regret Making Mistakes”



15 Jul Chicago's finest


I’m not a heavy dance/electro guy. Never really have been, but I enjoy great beats, with touches of nostalgia to my KROQ 80’s days. I’m not afraid to tell you the Phantogram is a great NEW band that you should love, see the Best of 2010…so far. Or having Civil Civic crush it for us this week, I have a diverse music palate, as I think everyone does. That what makes this so fun. There used to 35,000 CDs released in one year, that’s just absurd, now there are more that 100,000 tracks, albums, etc. released annually on the web. It makes it impossible to keep up, but it’s also exciting to know that there is more music available then ever in the history of time. That’s why today’s band is so important. Through the various outlets that I scour daily, I scored when I found Telefon Tel Aviv. I found a jewel and I didn’t want to share it. I kept them to myself for too long. Now they may be no more, but I felt it was time to share.

They formed in their hometown of Chicago, in 1999. Both Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis had a passion for tape loops, down beat electronica and they formed TTA. With three full LPs and several EP/remixes, the boys found their rhythm in 2009 with the release of Immolate Yourself. It reached #17 on the Billboard Electronic album charts and still today stands as a monumental landmark for any dance album. It inspires my creativity and makes me want to dig deeper into my psyche. When I read the news that Charles Cooper passed away last I was upset. At only 31, it’s a tragic death, for the music world it’s even more devastating. We have to live without…these time capsule from TTA will make you want more, but we’re stuck here at the rise of their incline…a tragic loss but a band more than worthy to be voted Band of the Day on NBD. I hope they become your new favorite band.



Visit their website, but I believe it might be down…