Band of the Day (10.7.10) Warpaint

7 Oct

BOD: (10.7.10) Warpaint

All girl quartet Warpaint has been on the LA scene for some time now. Over three years of hard core touring, and a few EPs, the band has really found their groove. With a new LP hitting stores this fall, we’ve find the cherokee ladies of Silverlake perfectly mixing electronic sounds with layered vocals. As Cat Power goes retro cover chic, Warpaint smashes it live with the likes of John Frusciante mixing new tracks. Time to make Warpaint your favorite female artists of 2010.


Download — Warpaint – “Elephants”

“Billie Holiday” – Arranged by Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante, this track is vocals first and very pleasant

Download — Warpaint – BillieHoliday

Emily Kokal /// vocals, guitar
Theresa Wayman /// vocals, guitar
Jenny Lee Lindberg /// bass, vocals
Stella Mozgawa /// drums, keys, vocals


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