Band of the Day: (7.19.10) PS I Love You

19 Jul

BOD: (7.19.10) PS I Love You

The Maple Leaf rises again. Seriously, out of 100+ bands posted, I think 50% of them are from Canada. PS I Love You, from Kingston, Ontario was originally a fun little side project for Paul Saulnier. The PS of PS I Love You. After futzing around for years in Country Rock bands, Paul needed an outlet. PS I Love You recruited Benjamin Nelson in 2006 and hit the ground running with strong guitar riffs, sounds like 2-3 to me, a Casio and quirky tracks that kept the people coming back to the shows. Country rock, coupled with strong guitar riffs and off key but in-tune vocals, make PS I Love You a BOD favorite. Really a great great Indie Rock band. Give them 60 minutes and an a stick of vinyl and they will kick your ass. Sound interestingly similar to early Pumpkin Gish recordings.

Now with a 7″ under their belt, they’re starting to tour outside of the Great White North. Splendid A-side “Facelove” will make you a fan immediately. Look for Meet at the Muster Station coming out in October. Take a listen below:

HEAR “Facelove”

“Facelove” MP3

Just a note. I am going to start combining the tracks in the BOD bios. Tell me if you likey. If not I will go back to the old way.

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  1. Jess July 19, 2010 at 6:20 PM #

    Like the new format!

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