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The Week in Review (7.24.10)

24 Jul

Everyone drum roll please. Moodvane asked for it and now we’ve got it. THE WEEK IN REVIEW!!!! Take a listen. Thanks for supporting us.

Monday: (7.19.10): PS I Love You – “Facelove” Canada brings us something Paul Saulnier, the PS in PS to rock your day with this spankin’ track
PS I Love You – Facelove

Tuesday: (7.20.10): Bend Sinister – “Jimmy Brown”: Supertramp meets Elton John meets ELO and moves to Canada. Love this happy track.
Bend Sinister – Jimmy Brown

Wednesday (7.21.10): Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – “Dog WIth A Rope”: Colombian cumbia and dub masters join Will Holland to make summer island favorites
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Dog With A Rope

Thursday (7.22.10): Slow Club – “Giving Up On Love”: Rockin’ little XX/XY Brits bring us smooth summer fun.
Slow Club – Giving Up On Love

Friday (7.23.10): Karkwa – “L’acouphène” Think The Arcade Fire, a splash of Sigur Ros and a sprinkle of Radiohead.
Karkwa – “L’acouphène”

Thank you for listening. Tell us who you think is your favorite band of the week.

Band of the Day (7.20.10) – BEND SINISTER

20 Jul Vancouver's Very Own Maestros


Seriously, I’m not moving to Canada, I’m not even visiting Canada, but could someone please explain why their music is so darn good? I may move there, hell I might get married there and then throw the biggest frigging festival of music Canada has ever seen. I’m going to invite every band I love from NewBandDay, give away free picks in the shape of a maple leaf and let the good times roll. I’m gonna have it in Banff and call it Inukshuk.Because as the Inukshuk guided the ancients to dry land, so does Canadian music. I am a believer. Every new Canadian band featured on New.Band.Day is invited to the festival and we will now be call them Inukshukian.

It’s time to recognize the band Bend Sinister, formed in 2001 and began playing as many bar shows as they possibly could in their home town of Kelowna, British Columbia. They moved to Vancouver, BC cocooned, shed band members like Mike Magnusson, Kevin Keegan, Dan Goughnour, Dave Buck, Edo Van Breemen, Jon Bunyan (stage name), Naben Ruthnum and released 3LPs and 1EP. Now 2010, Dan Moxon, Jason Dana, Joel Myers, Henry Alcock White and Joseph Blood bring the Nabakov named songmeisters to the forefront.

Their single “Things Will Get Better” is a beautiful twist of ELO, Queen guitar riffs, 70’s Elton John/Billy Joel, a little Phoenix and should be featured in a Charlie Kaufman film. I love it. I’ve attached the five song Spring Romance from the band. Might just be my new favorite band of the month….


“Jimmy Brown” MP3

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