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Band of the Day: (7.28.10) AMEN DUNES

28 Jul Damon McMahon crushes your soul softly.

BOD: (7.28.10) AMEN DUNES

Damon McMahon a Brooklyn, NY native, may have followed the lead of Bon Iver, but there’s something special here. Much like Iver, he recorded his first record trapped in a Catskill’s cabin. Though I think trapping yourself in the Wisconsin wilderness in the middle of winter is a bit more rugged, we’re not comparing REI membership cards here. McMahon is another virtuoso, in that his sound belongs on some dusty 60’s vinyl recording. Reference The Zombies classic “The Way I Feel Inside” to give yourself the a frame of reference for his sound. It’s clean but isolating. You can almost hear the surrounding nature of his environment. Following yesterday’s romp and stomp soulful Jim Jones Revue, I find Amen Dunes to be a relaxing come down from that crazy evening. May even be the break-up artist of 2010.

Since DIA, Damon has since moved to Beijing and his isolated sounds have expanded a bit. Murder Dull Minds EP was released yesterday and it’s Asian influences are haunting. It’s scary how deep we’ve been asked to enter into Damon’s pain, but he such a fantastic musician you can’t help but listen on to the next track. HEAR “Diane” to see what I’m describing. I stick to my earlier description that this is a timeless piece of music and am thoroughly impressed by Damon’s ability to make his sound both classic and modern. HEAR “Murder Dull Mind” to really get the best of what Amen Dunes can offer. Beautiful track.

Amen Dunes “Murder Dull Mind” This is a great great track.
Amen Dunes “Diane” Haunting sounds from the temple.

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