Band of the Day (10.13.10) Eluvium

13 Oct

BOD (10.13.10) Eluvium

It’s really late and I’m having one of those dive deep into my head nights. I needed some ambient music, so I scurried through my care package from my good friend Arizona Turk and our newest excavator and noticed the new Eluvium record. Similes is the fifth album from Portland, Oregon ambient musician Matthew Cooper, under the name Eluvium. The record includes, for the first time, vocals from Matthew. It’s an amazing record and it should be THE record that get’s Eluvium to a place of stardom. It’s not just a sound noise experiment, it melodic, death defying and melodic. Matthew’s voice is similar to another haunting late evening favorite Matt Berninger of The National. It’s not often we write about bands that have 5 records, but it is often that we dream of deserving, hard working musicians getting their day in the sun. Matthew deserves much love for his beautiful records and it’s so worth taking a Saturday night and deep diving into his catalog. For now, I have two tracks for you and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Hear: (I uploaded the two best vocal tracks because they are the best tracks. I love them both…spread his love)
“Making Up Minds”

Download — Eluvium – “Making Up Minds”

“The Motion Makes Me Last”

Download — Eluvium – “The Motion Makes Me Last”


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