Band of the Day (10.12.10) BIGCOLOUR

12 Oct

BOD: (10.12.10) BIGCOLOUR

I remember the first time I heard The Police. I can’t say I was of the age where I could see them live, but it was a sound that struck me as inventive. The lead singer playing bass, the drum beats I couldn’t tap my toes to and the layered guitars with reggae overtones and a smattering of garage punk. So there’s this guy from Chicago that seems to have some buzz around him. His name is Brian Brissart and he’s cleverly owning his sound. I know comparing him to The Police is a big “No No” but dude has a direction that people are comfortable with and it sounds great. It’s a combination of Toro Y Moi’s spectacular chillwave vibe, The Police’s vibe and Real Estate’s Indie rock feel. He has a couple of EP’s out, his newest is Meshes of the Laughternoon. Listen to a few tracks below.

UPDATE —- Just got an email from the label and BIGCOLOUR just released the fantastic EP Centuries of Summer and you can download it for free from his BandCamp here.

Listen and love it.

“Crevasses” – The Police guitar and vocal vibe. My favorite track from the new EP

BIGCOLOUR – “Crevasses”

“Stork” – Probably the most accessible track from Brian. Love it and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it splattered all over the blogs.

Download – BIGCOLOUR – “Stork”

“Power Stranger” – Love this track too.

Download – BIGCOLOUR – “Power Stranger”
His live band includes:
joseph andert
jordan vouga
alex auby


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