Band of the Day (8.18.10) His Clancyness

18 Aug

BOD (8.18.10) His Clancyness

He says he’s from Bologna, Italy or Ottawa, Canada. Either way he’s shrouded in mystery but he’s gaining in buzz. Jonathan Clancy is His Clancyness and he’s a super fuzzy lo-fi performer with spacey, hazy vocals. When he wants to, he can be a vocal doppelganger for Ben Bridewell of Band of Horses. Frankly, I try really hard to find bands on NBD that separate themselves from the pack. Clancy is unique in his approach to simple melodies, clean crisp major chords on a Taylor Acoustic guitar. I say he sounds like Bridewell just so you get a sense of his emotional pulse. He has a way of drawing you in and really tugging at your tear ducts on “How It’s Done in Italy” but then something happens on his other posted track. “Summer Majestic” kicks it up a notch with a drum machine beat that makes you wanna move a bit. He pulls off a nice chillwave track and he transforms himself into a fantastic New Wave Bauhaus/Love And Rockets Daniel Ash, proving the dude’s got some depth. Really impressed.

Give him a listen, buy his new EP Always Mist and follow the man. He’s worth it.

“How it’s Done in Italy” – A cover of My Bubba and Mi

“Summer Majestic”


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