Band of the Day (8.31.10) Adam Kesher

31 Aug

BOD (8.31.10) Adam Kesher

Paris boys bring heavy loaded dance music with quick guitars, synths and a drum beat to get your arse moving. Since 2004 they’ve matured, think Bloc Party meets Muse. I’d be shocked if these guys are the top of the Must Hear list for 2010. As much as I loved Bloc Party’s first record, it’s about as much I like these dudes. Listen to the attached track and let us know what you think. This will be your new favorite band, it’s my favorite new music of the day!

Matthieu Beck, Pierrick Devin, Gaëtan Didelot, Julien Perez, Yann Stofer

“Hour of the Wolf”

Adam Kesher site

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