Band of the Day (9.7.10) Ablehearts

7 Sep

Band of The Day (9.7.10): Ablehearts
Brooklyn, NY sound maestro Thomas Arsenault, brings the emotionally driven Ablehearts to us. The Flood is a collection of sound mixes and noise compilations, powered by Thomas’ Bon Iverish vocals. Listen to two new tracks and understand that when Thomas gets past the experimental stage, we’re going to have a massive star on our hands. His creativity is powerful and “2012” is a showcase of what he does best.

The Best Description of Ablehearts:
” Beautiful melodies, fractured song structures, jittery electronic loops and melancholy folk guitar” – Doron Sadja


“You Are the Girl For Me” – I think I fell in love with this so called “girl” for Thomas. I love this track!


Download the entire album here
for the price of an Email address.

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