Band of the Day (9.13.10) Candy Claws

13 Sep

Band of the Day (9.13.10) Candy Claws

Fort Collins, CO is home to Colorado State University and also touts it’s 36,000 acres of open space. I dug deeper and discovered that Fort Collins was voted the #1 Best Place to Reinvent Your Life: AARP Magazine – May & June 2003 edition. Then I got it, it all clicked. I stumbled on Candy Claws from one of the many fave music blogs out there a few months back. I grabbed a few MP3’s and listened and didn’t know what to make of them. They’re spacey, airy and fresh. I felt good after hearing their music. Especially the single, “Sunbeam Show” it just did me right. It brought that open airy feeling and covered me like a waterfall of sound. Refreshing and a great sound to reinvent a genre. Candy Claws hails from Fort Collins, CO and it’s so obvious that the fresh mountain air has inspired their sound. I love these guys and I think they have the depth to influence the Animal Collective/Fleet Foxes crowd. They’ve upped the ante on the core “Pet Sounders” and they’ve added something, it’s a freedom of sound. It’s not repetitive, it doesn’t harmonize with itself, it sounds a bit more free and I think you’ll agree.

“Sunbeam Show”

“Silent Time on Earth”

Someone might want to tell these guys that they have to split royalties. Here is the council of Candy Claws:
Band Members:
Kay – singing, samples
Ryan – singing, sounds
Marty – guitars
Riley – bass
Jonathan – keyboards
Meghan – keyboards
McKenzie – percussion
Wesley – drums
Karen – Mountain
Sarabeth – Mountain
Celeste – Voice of the Jungle Princess

CandyClaws bandsite

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