Band of the Day (9.16.10) Twin Sister

16 Sep

BOD (9.16.10) Twin Sister

Andrea Estella leads the Twin Sister sound. It’s almost a fantastic update on St. Etienne, but minus the Parisian snootiness and whole lot of NY attitude. It’s shoegazing, but you don’t get lost in a wall of sound, it has that St. Etienne kindness that keeps each track moving along melodically. I equate the music to a nice smooth train ride with your head out the window on a warm spring evening. Estella’s voice is unique, but there are times where I say, oh she sounds like….I think you’ll enjoy the music and the Long Island natives deserve your love. PLEASE LISTEN TO “LADY DAYDREAM” !!!!! It’s quite possibly the single of the year.

Andrea Estella
Bryan Ujueta
Eric Cardona
Gabel D’Amico
Udbhav Gupta sitting in a tree.

“Lady Daydream” – This could be the single of the year. I love everything about this song!!!!!

Download —> Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream”


“The Other Side of Your Face”

Download a Free Daytrotter Session – Don’t know about Daytrotter, well you do now!!!

Twin Sister Official Site

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