Band of the Day (1.5.11) The Builders and The Butchers

5 Jan

The water in Alaska grows fresh folk sounds from The Builders

Band of the Day (1.5.11) The Builders and The Butchers

The diversity of great music is mind-boggling. Yesterday we posted No Joy, a female shoegaze duo, today we’re posting a band of five men who create fantastic folk music from Alaska. Yeah, that’s right Alaska. The Butchers and The Builders have garnered an amazing following as they blaze their trail, now centered in Portland. The Great Northwest creates such amazing cozy melodic music, it’s hard not to enjoy the bearded man sound. Where Trampled By Turtles may break speed records for their turbo-charged folk sounds, The Builders and The Butchers plod away, in a tempered, melodic pace that gets your toes tappin, conjuring up the roots of American folk sounds. Their songwriting is like a Louis L’Amour novel addressing God, the Devil and the brothel where you might not leave. The new album, quietly their 3rd, will be released on 2.22.11…we’re waiting to debut a new track. I love this band and I thank The Marina Machine for this great recommendation.

Hometown: Portland, OR via Alaska
Members: Alex Ellis, Harvey Tumbleson, Paul Seely, Portland, Ray Rude, Ryan Sollee,
Sonic Soulmates: Trampled By Turtles, Langhorne Slim, Murder By Death, Heartless Bastards
Must Hear Tracks:
“Barcelona” – The new album is coming in February 2011, but this is my favorite from the Salvation is a Deep Dark Well album.

“Golden and Green” – This was the big single from the last album and it’s the one we rattle around here at NBD.


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