Band of the Day (3.9.11) The Answering Machine

9 Mar

Manchester heroes might just have their moment with Lifeline - The Answering Machine

Band of the Day (3.9.11) The Answering Machine

The boys and one gal from Manchester have been creating music since their days at the University of Manchester, circa 2005. Martin and Pat wrote songs together in their final year at university, and Gemma joined on bass shortly afterwards. Do they qualify for a Laney Boggs award? Yes they do, having worked their tails off touring, releasing several albums and capturing a fairly large following along the way, but still haven’t had their moment in the sun. It’s really the release of Lifeline, that’s catapulted them into a stardom, though it still does irritate me that labels can’t break a British act in the US. Why the hell can’t they. The Answering Machine are part The Radio Dept., the vocal soulmate of Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and whole lot of bell ringing and melodies from Sparklehorse or Los Campesinos!

Hometown: Manchester, England, UK
Martin Colclough
Pat Fogarty
Gemma Evans
Ben Perry
Sonic Soulmate: The Radio Dept., Bloc Party, Sparklehorse, Los Campesinos!
“Hospital Lung” – A good quick little Bloc Party ditty from The Answering Machine

“Video 8” – The Radio Deptish track

“Lifeline’ – Title track and it captures the best of the band. Great work here.

Official Site

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