Band of the Day 3.16.11 – Nicolas Jaar

16 Mar

Santiago, Chile is called home for Nicholas Jaar

Band of the Day – Nicolas Jaar

James Blake is our modern day soul singer. Saying that, so is Bon Iver. It’s heavy electronic chillwave background instead of, let’s say, Ray Charles’ piano. Nicholas Jaar takes it up a notch by adding some international flare. He was born in NY, then quickly moved to Santiago, Chile. His love of electronic experimentation started at the ripe age of 14 and now he’s perfected the sound on Space is Only Noise. The latest fare from Jaar sounds a whole hell of lot like James Blake a sprinkle of Roger Waters’ Pink Floyd and a dash of Bon Iver. It’s brilliantly produced and it’s what will make 2011 a stand-out year.

Grab Space is Only Noise on Vinyl

Hometown: NY and Santiago, Chile
Members: Nicholas Jaar
Sonic Soulmates: James Blake, Bon Iver and Roger Waters’ Pink Floyd

“Too Many Kids FInd Dust In The Rain”

“I Got A Woman” – Crazy way to give us Ray Charles..Jamie Foxx free…thank God.

Official Site

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