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Band of the Day (1.18.11) The Ponys

18 Jan

It's time for the break-through. The Ponys become Colts Photo By Colin Smith!

Photo by Colin Smith!

Band of the Day (1.18.11) The Ponys

Why? Because 2010 was the comeback EP year and 2011 is the year where The Ponys break-through. Much like Pepper Rabbit yesterday, these great bands get overlooked because there are so many other bands doing similar things. The cream doesn’t necessarily rise to the top in the music industry. It’s those that have the right PR and marketing folks that make them or break them. In today’s music environment, it’s impossible to get enough attention to make an impact. There are no retail shelves or radio stations to make your mark. So it’s really all about social influencers, can you find those people that connect you to great music. Since 2002, The Ponys have been touring. In 2007 they hung it up with Turn the Lights Out but it was really the 2004 release Laced With Romance that made The Ponys a band to watch. Their recent Deathbed Plus 4 EP was comparable if not better then anything they’ve released to date. Maybe it was the time off the road, who knows, but the maturity of the band is obvious. Thank you to the Arizona Turk

Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA
Members: Jered Gummere, Melissa Elias, Brian Case, Nathan Jerde
Sonic Soulmates: Joy Division, Interpol, Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips, Coachwhips
Label: Matador
Must Hear Tracks:
“Deathbed” – So many bands wish they had this swagger.

“Is It Working” – Coachwhips wish they were this cool. Sounds like they’re 16 again.