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Band of the Day (1.12.11) Dirty Beaches

12 Jan

early eerie creepy Elvis crooning creates Dirty Beaches

Band of the Day (1.12.11) Dirty Beaches

Can this really be true, this is our first Canadian band of 2011. WOW! Doesn’t matter, because we have a slew of them slated for January and February. Dirty Beaches is rock-a-billy mood music. I swear these are recent recordings. We didn’t find them buried in our stax box, or at some used record store in The Haight. Alex Zhang Hungtai is a solo performer who’s made homes in all parts of the world, primarily the Far East and Canada. The Eastern influence coupled with the chill of Canada, helps create a very unique classic early 60’s Elvis meets the Devil sound. He is my Lord Huron of 2011…so far. Once again, Mr. Arizona Turk was doing his work. Great find

Hometown: East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Members: Alex Zhang Hungtai; solo performer, sound-smith, and trans-Pacific nomad. Born in Taiwan, Hungtai has made Toronto, Honolulu, Montreal, and Vancouver his homes.
Sonic Soulmates: Lou Reed, Roy Orbison, Misfits, if Depeche Mode came from the 60’s and early 60’s beat bands…
Must Hear Tracks:

“Lord Knows Best” – This is by far his best track.

“True Blue” – I think my mom was dumped in high school when this song was playing in her Chevy. Alex nails it here.

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