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UNCORKED™ – Band of the Day (1.23.12) Pow Wows

23 Jan

Pow Wows make me feel this way inside. Photo credit: http://wearethelastbeatniks.com/2011/09/16/pow-wows/

Uncorked™ Pow Wows

Definitely a dry spell. Can’t even remember the last band we profiled from Toronto, ON…after a little research, it just so happens to be the one year anniversary of our last Toronto band. That’s right, the Black Pistol Fire, sure thought they were gonna big. There’s still time. What does that mean? Have the hipster journalists finally left the cleanest city in the world? Maybe or just maybe we were waiting for Pow Wows to emerge. Maybe there’s a backlash up north, the underwater dreamscapes may have finally been drowned out by the re-emergence of some good ‘ol garage rock. The MC5 style, dingy clubs, heavy distortion, Elvis crooning, leather and greased up locks. I chose three tracks from Pow Wows debut. The three that made me feel good inside, the ones that showcase good rockmanship and some catchy hooks. Think of The Cramps and The MC5 sucker punching Bowie and dragging him to a biker bar. Really Bowie in a Biker Bar, leather and no make-up. Love it!

Buy the new record Nightmare Soda here here

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Rocky Rircardo
Kelly MacGrewver
Jay Share-It
F. Scott Baudelaire
Juarez Laredo
Sonic Soulmates™: The MC5, The Cramps, Bowie getting all sweaty
“Seeing Black”

“EIO (During the Flood)”

“Seance” – Great track


Band of the Day (8.16.10) Emma-Lee

16 Aug Canada shines bright with Emma-Lee

BOD (8.16.10) Emma-Lee

It’s Monday morning and I was in the mood for something a little more emotional. Something a little out of character for me, but I puttered around the web and stumbled on this absolute beauty…Emma-Lee. Her album came out back in March 2009..I may be a little late to the game here, but I don’t care. She’s a Toronto native, one part Bonnie Raitt, one part Norah Jones, one part Chrissie Hynde and one part Rickie Lee Jones. She can sing with the electric guitars, full orchestras, or sound as if she’s recording in Nashville with a slide guitar. She makes the guitar sound better and she has a deep understanding of the music she loves. Even covers Skeeter Davis “The End of the World” in the YouTube video below. Her voice is sultry and big all at the same time, listen and follow please. She might even be a headliner at The NBD Inukshuk Festival.

Emma-Lee is accompanied by:
Devrim Eldelekli
Kevin Mendes
Mark McIntyre

“Never Just A Dream”


Emma-Lee site
MySpace (Buy her new album Never Just a Dream from MySpace and get an autographed copy)