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Band of the Day (1.3.11) Playfellow

3 Jan

The Deutschland delivers something special

Band of the Day (1.3.11) Playfellow

Well we’re back and 2011 is already starting off with a bang. We’ve had some great feedback on our 2010 wrap-up from labels, bands and of course our readers. So who will top 2010’s The Tallest Man on EarthBest New Band Honors of 2010 honors, well we start the year off with quite possibly our best new band in a while, Playfellow. You probably saw them on the Turks Best of 2010 Gem (Album) List well here they are in all their glory.

The German boys and a lady, probably our first band from the Deutschland, are moody rockers with a hint of the Karkwa boys. Maybe it’s the cold weather, but their songs harken, cold moody indoor days, where you contemplate everything. Their solid Brit Rock sound, is very similar to early Snow Patrol, before they were gobbled up by The OC, and I was actually shocked to see they weren’t from London. I love their sound and their use of echoed, layers of sound with whining guitars, and piano plucking. They are a nice more homey version of Muse with a dash of Radiohead’s experimentation.

Hometown: Brandenburg, Deutschland
Band members: Toni Niemeier – Gesang / Gitarre, André Dettmann – Orgel / Synthesizer, Katharina Mey – Bass / Gesang / Piano, Robert Laeßig – Gitarre, Tom Herberger – Schlagwerk
Sonic Soulmates: Muse, Snow Patrol, Radiohead even early Soundgarden, Midlake
Tracks to hear:
“All’s Asleep” – Ever heard “Full on Kevin’s Mom” by Soundgarden? Well this track is a much better version.

“Another Weird Place”

Pick-up their new album which was released on 11.26.10 Carnival Off

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Arizona Turks Gems of the Year – Top 10 Albums of 2010

30 Dec

The Turk Dug Up These Albums From 2010

Arizona Turks Gems of the Year – Top 10 Albums of 2010

10. SuunsZeroes QC
9. Crippled Black PhoenixI, Vigillante
8. The Drums The Drums
7. Tame Impala – Innerspeaker
6. Her Name Is CallaThe Quiet Lamb
5. Warpaint The Fool
4. Black RyderBuy The Ticket, Take The Ride
3. Wild NothingGemini
2. PlayfellowCarnival Off
1. FoalsTotal Life Forever

Honorable Mention (not all qualify for NBD because of longevity)

Underworld – Barking
The Chemical Brothers – Further
Best CoastCrazy For You
Dum Dum GirlsI Will Be
Whitesand BadlandsSeeding The Clouds
Beach HouseTeen Dream

Best Comeback: Midway StillNote To Self

Best Reissue: MansunAttack of the Grey Lantern (3CD Set)

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