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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2013 (8.8.13) Tan Vampires

8 Aug
Love these boys from Dover. Solid Beards and solid music.

Love these boys from Dover. Solid Beards and solid music.

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2013 (8.8.13) Tan Vampires
Oh hey how are you? Yes we’ve been tweeting and not blogging, sorry. We got sucked into the world of twitter passing along new music, so if you’re in the mood follow us @newbandday

Hey how are things? I hope well. I am writing because I have been hiding under a bridge, locked away from humanity for the past 90-days. One morning I woke up with a cassette tape on my chest, it read “Listen to this…NOW” I was excited, but also perplexed, how the fuck do I listen to a cassette tape. These damn hipsters think vintage is cool. Well suck it broskis, I can’t hear your finely tightened jean mood electro-clash tunes without a 1984 Walkman. But alas, being a street savior, I have my ways. I pawned a box of glass milk bottles and acquired a finely restored Sanyo cassette player. I popped in the tape, pressed down and held fast forward and I heard something amazing music…good music too. Tan Vampires hail from Dover, New Hampshire, two records under their belts and they have a solid new one called Ephemra. Strong beards too…Grab it here or listen to my favorite tracks here. Love these boys and no they didn’t give me a cassette tape, but some other shitastic bands did send me some and I kindly recycled them.

Founded: 2007
Hometown: Dover, New Hampshire
Members:Jake Mehrmann: vocals, guitars, mental lapses
Mike Filitis: bass, legs, dual citizenship
Mike Effenberger: keys, beards, conspiracy theories
Jim Rudolf: drums, beards, grammar and syntax
Nick Phaneuf: guitar, computers, jet-setting (also beards)
Chris Klaxton: trumpet, guitar, street cred
Keyboards: Greg Burns
Percussion : Andrew Clinco
Sonic Soulmates™: Alt-J, Liam Finn, Jim Ward
Trackables™: “Paper Cranes” – SO reminds me of Alt-J. Great track

“Into The West