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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (6.12.12) Pujol

12 Jun

Albert is no Daniel and Pujol is a great rock band.

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (6.12.12) Pujol
I know it’s Daniel’s last name, the founder and mastermind of the band, but do you, Daniel, understand our challenge? The Cardinal now Angel is darn lucky his parents didn’t punish him with a double entendre for a first name and that he could hit a baseball 450 ft. Angel fans all over the Anaheim area could be rooting for a slugger named Rip or Harry. It still amazes me that ESPN hasn’t done the play on words with his name, but I guess when you can hit a leather ball over a wall, they’ll let you be named anything. That is the same gracious gratitude we’ll give Daniel and his boys of Pujol. Because the band doesn’t sound like shit, they deserve the respect. But guys, how do I tell my Twitter followers that I am going to see Pujol at the club tonight. Either way, I love to rock with Pujol, Jesus guys, impossible to write about you, just listen to them.

Founded: 2009
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Members: Daniel Pujol, Adam Tanaka plays drums. Sean Thompson plays lead guitar and Joey Scala plays bass.
Sonic Soulmates™: Supergrass, I sense a bit of Corgan in the falsetto, Black Lips and the late great Jay Reatard


Pujol Site

Band of the Day (4.27.11) (David) Vandervelde

27 Apr

Unique vocal falsetto brings shivers down your spine and Loggins memories - Vandervelde

Band of the Day (4.27.11) (David) Vandervelde

There was a time when I could watch the first 8 minutes of Caddyshack and it would put me in a good mood. Maybe it was the “Danny’s in the bathroom” scene, or the bike scene or maybe even the parent dynamic. It dawned on me that it was a simply the song. Kenny Loggins was the shiat for a moment in time. Probably for about three years, he was the lead maestro of every single movie that meant anything to us kids of the 80’s. I’m not looking for a hipster revival of Loggins, but hell Hall and Oates are having one. But, maybe just maybe his sound will have a revival. In 2007, Secretly Canadian Records released the first David Vandervelde solo album, The Moonstation House Band. Vandervelde, a Chicago/Nashville/Brooklyn native pulls from the vocal closet of Kenny an the rock vibe of T-Rex. He’s a folky hipster, but he’s got that poppy vibe. I loved his 2007 record and his new one, More Than You Can Feel , is quite brilliant. Hear three tracks below oh and hey he’s just made the Lollapalooza line-up. Vandervelde recording with the much missed Jay Bennett.

Hometown: Nashville, TN, USA
Members: David Vandervelde
Sonic Soulmates: T-Rex, Lindsey Buckingham (minus the virtuoso guitar), Benjy Ferree, Ferraby Lionheart, Cool Caddyshack Kenny Loggins
“More Than You Can Feel” – Lead single from the new record!

“Checking Out My Baby” – it’s a little Scissor Sistery.

“Learn How to Hang” – This is my fave from Mr. Vandervelde. Caddyshack anyone?


Band of the Day (10.14.10) Carl Broemel

14 Oct

Band of the Day (10.14.10) Carl Broemel

Do you hate it when your favorite band’s guitar player decides to step out and make a solo record? Most of them make crap, I have no idea why, maybe it’s the comfort of your family band, or the fact they hire less talented musicians to play with them. I’ll use a few examples of crap. James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins recorded a big fat smelly dud with Let it Come Down. Or how about Main Offender by Keith Richards? Slash has tried, but failed, Ace Frehley, bomb? Nine times out of ten, the experiment goes awry. Except with one obvious one….John Lennon. But that doesn’t count. He was the soul of The Beatles and when the soul leaves he can create a masterpiece with or without Paul. Though I will say, there are big piles of steaming crap on some of those records. Maybe it’s just the Gestalt theory that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Each of these parts only works as part of the whole.

So you’re asking what is your point NewBandDay? Well I have for you Carl Broemel of Nashville, TN. Yes the lead guitarist of My Morning Jacket, that Carl Broemel. His new solo record All Birds Say was released in September and it’s good enough to separate itself from the crap mentioned above. Yeah sure an MMJ record is great and it’s only great because Broemel is lead guitarist. He’s inventive but clings to the roots of Kentucky plucking. He has the bluegrass down, coupled with piano and a good voice. He’s no Yim Yames, but he’s not trying to be. He brings the steel pedal, horns and the like to a quality record. You’ll find a Broemel and Broemel on the liner notes, that’s because Carl got a chance to collaborate with his father who is a former member of the Indianapolis Symphony who provides clarinet, baritone sax, and bassoon. This record has been on my turntable for days and I keep hearing more and more each time I listen. It’s a little Ron Sexsmith, Andrew Bird even a little 60’s Bread. I think you’ll find it pleasant and a record to enjoy in the dampening fall climate indoors.

“Carried Away” – My Favorite Track. slide guitars, piano, great vocals, etc. etc.

MP3 – Carl Broemel – “Carried Away”

“Life Leftover”

“In The Garden” – Probably the closest thing to a MMJ track.

CarlBroemel Site

Band of the Day (8.23.10) Ferraby Lionheart

23 Aug Be prepared for a fantastic singer/songwriter/heartbreaker

BOD (8.23.10) Ferraby Lionheart

Two albums, one EP, a stint as the lead of Telecast, an onstage call-out by Jon Brion and Ferraby Lionheart is finally about to break. It’s taken seven years for this Nashville native heartbreaker to reach the “I’m About to Break” stage of his career, but oh how lucky we are to get a chance to hear him as he’s on the rise. His new album The Jack of Hearts has been well received by the Indie press. He’s since moved to LA so I have a sense that in two years, he’ll be doing duets with Emmylou Harris, touring the Grand Ole Opry and on the “A” stage of every summer festival. I’m just glad I found him before it was too late. His sonic similarity lie somewhere between Rufus Wainwright and Travis, with a drop of Morrissey. His arrangements are borderline 50’s crooner with a mix of John Lennon tambourine/drum strokes. See him on tour with the Watson Twins.

“Arkansas” – It’s the tragic 50’s song, kid travels back home to find his kin only to discover Dad is locked up. His voice is amazing here and I love the harmonies.

Download Three Tracks via Daytrotter for FREE! If you don’t know of Daytrotter…they rule. Great sessions of some great NBD artists.

His site