Uncorked – The Story of Baseball and My Life

This home run injected baseball into my blood.

Baseball isn’t my life, but from March-October it’s my calling. It’s one part nostalgia, one part future and a whole lot of something I can trust. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, broken my neck, down in the divorced dumps, but each time, those negative yins have been balanced by the positive baseball yangs. Baseball is my Buddha and I put my faith in it from March-October. I am a Red Sox fan. As a 14 year old kid, I awkwardly stumbled into high school, had a few friends and a true passion for a senior cheerleader. Why was a senior cheerleader in my Freshman government class. Precursor to my love life. The Red Sox scrambled into the playoffs with the most attrocious pitching staff in the 80’s. Oil Can, a rookie named Roger and a bullpen anchored by the button-puller Schiraldi. Garbage after Roger. Stanley? What a joke.

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