Band of the Day (8.24.10) Still Corners

24 Aug

BOD (8.24.10) Still Corners

Still Corners remind me of the early 80’s 4AD artists like Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. First off, the vocals are angelic, dual harmonies create the rebirth of dream-pop queen Elizabeth Fraser. Fraser was a master of floating lyrics that grabbed your heartstrings without saying a thing. I don’t know what language she sang in, but it was the effortless airy vocals that made you cry every time. Fraser could sing my shopping list at the grocery store and I would cry. Still Corners is a special creation. Their dreamy London sound is made to break your heart. Enjoy two tracks and please please please download their new EP from BandCamp.

Hear: I posted two magnificent tracks, but if I were to suggest their best song…grab “Wish” here. It’s Swell Season meets The Cranberries, meets Elizabeth Fraser in 1:40 of perfection.

“Don’t Fall In Love” – Because break-ups are awful…maybe this track is a cool pillow to fall on when your heart is broken.

“Endless Summer” – The song that will make them famous.

Follow Still Corners:
Still Corners Band site
Buy the new 7″ Don’t Fall In Love/Wish

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