Band of the Day (9.9.10) Lonelady

9 Sep

BOD (9.9.10) Lonelady

Manchester, London has given us great music over the years, Lonelady is the latest to hit the scene. Lonelady is Julie Campbell. She’s a mix of Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Niko. She belongs in 1982, but she’s not a retro 80’s New Wave chick. She’s got soul, she’s a folk singer and she’s classic. Nerve Up was released earlier this year and she’s destroying the UK press. The US has yet to discover her sound, or if they have those people are keeping it a secret. Spread the word, enjoy her music and take a listen to two new tracks.

“Marble” – You’ll notice the similarities here…she’s got a little Siouxsie Sioux in her.

“Intuition” – This is her single and it’s darn good.

Lonelady site

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