Band of the Day (9.27.10) How to Dress Well

27 Sep

BOD: (9.27.10) How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well is Tom Krell, a Bon Iverish vocalist that accompanies 90’s R&B beats. A clever sound from a clever man. He is a daytime philosopher from Cologne, Germany and a nighttime DJ who’s created a brand new sound. His vocals are eerie, his sound is familiar but unique. I think you’ll find this album one of your favorites of the year. Love Remains came out on September 21st. Get it here. Think Jodeci with a drop of LL Cool J, a spoonful of Tangerine Dream and a pound of Bon Iver.

“Take It On”

How To Dress Well – “Decisions (feat. Yuksel Arslan)”

“Endless Rain” – It sounds like Jodeci was hijacked by Bon Iver

How To Dress Well – “Endless Rain”

Band Site

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